Booty Shorts, Not Just for Jammies Anymore

Hollywood is a place where anything goes. Where there are valets at hotdog stands, 14 year olds in their Jimmy Choos for sunday brunch, and where celebs mingle with the regular folks at the local Crepeville. So opportunites to be surprised in the land of overindulgence is few and far between. However, I do manage to be shocked and horrified every week when I venture out into the Hollywood limelight and see lots and lots of booties, in lot and lots of tiny booty shorts. Black booty shorts with cowl neck hoochie tops and strappy sandals--the evening wear uniform for every La gal. For some reason, no matter how cute that chic La chick is during the day, she will undoubtedly be be beckoned by the sounds of booty shaking club kids everywhere to toss on her butt-cheeck exposing booty shorts. I know it's all about the junk in the trunk these days, but booty shorts? I have to say, i have a major problem with this. Sure, they're cute at home when you're lounging around, or when you're trying to seduce some guy into making out with you on "movie night," but to wear out?! It's like slutty slumber parties every night! I end a lot of my posts pleading for fashion offenders to stop what they're doing and get a grip. And this post is no different. I implore you Hollywood hotties and not-so-hotties to toss away those booty shorts and adopt cuter hoochie-wear. Like-- booty SKIRTS, they're just as slutty but less roach! Let's keep booty shorts in the bedroom, where they belong.