Hollywood and Opine

white-sunglasses1 I have moved to Hollywood my kiddies, and the most rampant fashion trend that I have noticed is a sour expression. Well that and huge sunglasses. As much as I want to love the City of Angels, I have yet to actually see an angel. The city should be re-named the "City of cracked-out-whores and hood-rich assholes." And, as much as I love huge sunglasses, I do not love them when I know that they are worn for the sole reason of glaring me down in secret--and sometimes not so secret. So, I ask everyone who does not live in LA to join me in a silent protest and toss out those huge sunglasses and glare at each other, eye-to-eye. But, in case you too wanted to sell your soul to the devil and look like a plastic Barbie with a permanent L.A. scowl, then I suggest you invest in some huge white sunglasses, anything and everything gucci, and a bad attitude. Then go ram your car into some innocent person's Corolla, because that's what Los Angelicans do.