A Waste of Pocket Space

There have been complaints from some of my phashionable readers that there is not enough material addressing men's fashion, leading many of these guys to believe that they are not making tragic fashion mistakes that women secretly talk about and berate in private. Like those guys who wear gym shoes to the gym and then wear them later that night to dinner with jeans and a button down shirt. Unless, your button down shirt can magically change gym shoes into diamond penny loafers, you should only wear gym shoes to the gym, stupid! It is to these guys that this post is dedicated to. Every group knows these guy. These are the guys that make their dear friends stand outside with them at the coolest hotspot, as we beg the doorman to let our bum friend in gym-shoes in. If you are this guy with the gym-shoes problem, then you also inevitably have the hopeless "I will go anywhere and everywhere in cargo shorts" problem. And this boys, is definitely a more pressing matter. Don't get me wrong, cargo pants are great--if you're actually going to be moving cargo in them! However, they are not great to wear on a daily basis with the false belief that they look good or that they look "Abercrombie" cool. The cargo shorts are not what make a guy look "Abercrombie." A dude with huge pects, huge arms, and a tan standing in the middle of the ocean is what makes a guy look Abercrombie. I mean, yes, they're comfortable. I get it. Yes, they have those ridiculously oversized and worthless side pockets. I get that too. But they're roach! If you don't stop wearing cargo shorts for you, do it for us. We hate standing outside of clubs, begging the doorman to let you in because you look like the Big Kahuna in gym shoes. So, there you have it, cargo shorts are roach and they are not Abercrombie, please let them die. And don't even think about trying to class them up with a button down shirt--cause if it didn't work for your gym shoes...well you get it.