The Skinny on Skinny Jeans

Being a girl, I know how much we (girls) dress up to impress boys. So, I have petitioned a boy to comment on one of todays biggest trends--skinny jeans. On any given day you can find him in Converse shoes, a puffy jacket, and a face that looks like it is always illuminated by light--light that is emanating from his laptop companion. I also wanted to say that although I do not agree with Joel's views, he still does have valid fashion opinions despite the fact that he shops at Eddie Bauer. And I also wanted to say--Skinny Jeans Rock!!!

Ask Joel: The Skinny on Skinny Jeans
I have been asked to comment on the new skinny jean fad taking up space in malls and fashion magazines everywhere. I have seen some of the magazine pictures, I have walked the halls of one such mall, and surfed the annals of some cyber photos. I am prepared to make my decision on skinny jeans: it is the proverbial thumbs down.

The reason is twofold: 1) these jeans leave absolutely nothing to the imagination; and 2) they make a woman's (and potentially a man's leg) look like a piece of dental floss complete with tooth gunk -- the "knee".

A pant should allow room for movement. It should fit the leg, but not hug it like a Kuala hugging a ucalyptus tree. In the examples of the skinny jean I have seen, there has rarely been a defined butt and leg separation. But more of a crease where the lower buttock meets the leg and the skin bends and ripples during movement. This is not flattering. Clothes should help to accent bodies not blur the lines between parts and show them in their realistic state. If people wanted reality, why would they wear clothes?

Ladies (and maybe gentlemen) it is time to rethink the skinny jeans. Be wicked. Be wild. Be wider than the latest fashion fad.

j.d. (defining phashion since 11.06)