Buy of the Week: Coolest French Connection

Typically, if someone came up to me and said that they absolutely loved something from French Connection, I would have rolled my eyes and said "Lies!" This is because French Connection is nothing but high filooting, way too overpriced, wanna-be Club Monaco crap. But today my friends, I eat my words. Although, I still believe that FC is high filooting and way too overpriced, I cannot talk smack about the company that brought me this ultra slick, babydoll, glitterati disco dress. I assure you that this picture does not do this dress justice. In real life, it's got sequins, it got gold, its teeny tiny, and it's fantabulous with high high heels. It's $198 and is perfect for every occassion. And if you still have doubts about this dress, just try it on and give it a twirl. Twirl like a little girl with new red shoes, and you will see the magic of the golden sequins.