Buy of the Week: Most Awesome Gold Bracelet

Guys search far and wide for the perfect gift for the beloved women in their lives. And to this very day, even at this very second, it amazes me every time a guy wonders what to get his girlfriend. It's like, did these guys grow up living under a rock that was stuffed up a panda's butt?! Follow the blue/green box stupid! I don't know a girl whose heart doesn't beat a little faster and whose eyes don't sparkle a little brighter when they are presented that Tiffany's box with the perfect white bow. So, climb out from under that rock and get her this bracelet. The floating heart, the teardrop, the wave, the bean and the starfish--all in that beautiful 18k gold! Geeezus, it couldn't get any better if it came with Paul Walker shirtless on the beach. It's $1,800, and if you're a guy you better not be gasping because this bracelet is gonna buy you another 6 months with your girl--Schmuck!