Stop the Madness!

I have decided that I want to single-handedly bring down J.Crew for emotionally manipulating the public into believing that they are allowed to charge high fashion prices for Gap clothes. This jacket is $2000. Yes, yet another roach jacket from J.Crew for 2G's. It's "hand-combed" Italian cashmere. Like me, you probably don't care if this cashmere is from Italy, or that it is hand-combed. I wouldn't even care if the hairs of the jacket were hand sheared by an Italian woman from the arms and legs of babies, nobody should pay $2000 for this jacket or anything else from J.Crew. I don't know where J.Crew has the balls to set these prices. It's like they think they're Prada except with cardigans and baby tees. So I ask you to stop the madness, and stop buying J.Crew! Go down five stores to a place called Gap, where jackets are mass-made and cost $39.99. Now, I know that this rant has less to do with fashion and more to do with my maniacal plan to rebel against J.Crew and so I will remedy that with one of my beloved fashion inside tips: Wear fake eyelashes when you party because they are the source of all my power, and if you don't wear them, then get DiorShow mascara by Dior--it's the best thing to come in a tube, for your eyes, pretty much ever.