The Coco-nut is Coming

I first wanted to thank everyone that I know for pretending not to notice that my ass has grown so enormous in the last 28 weeks that it is looking pretty offensive falling out of my bikini bottom. This is all because I'm growing a huge Coconut in my stomach who will be making her appearance this July. Yes, it's very exciting. Yes, we know it's going to change everything. And yes, it is a "beautiful" process. Well, beautiful if you think vomiting, peeing in your pants when you sneeze, growing a double chin, stretch marks and not being able to breath while sleeping on your back is beautiful...which I kinda don't think it is. But what will be beautiful is the crazy Coconut that is about to hatch in just 12 more weeks! Stay tuned...

Vita Fede ,  Svelte Metals  bracelets, Cartier ring

Vita Fede, Svelte Metals bracelets, Cartier ring