Lazier Than Ever

Tularosa dress , Ray-Ban sunglasses,  Mar Y Sol bag

Tularosa dress, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Mar Y Sol bag

Every year my husband and I try to outdo our ridiculously lazy beach vacations by challenging ourselves with how much more lazy we can be and how little activities we participate in each time. In Cancun this year we bypassed all the 46 free activities that you get when you sign up for a $20 taxi cab ride at the airport and went straight to our rooms to take a nap. Then we got into our bathing suits for a dip in the hot tub and then a steak dinner. The rest of our days were spent doing pretty much the same thing; lounging around like beached whales at the pool while sipping  iced Perrier's with lime. Zip lining? Nope. Swimming with dolphins? I don't need new friends. Parasailing? I can see the ocean just fine in my linen strewn cabana bed. Fishing? No, way; who will spray me down with Evian spritz if everyone is busy fishing? Thankfully, I never had to find out that answer. 

Svelte Metals , YSL, and  Vita Fede bracelets , my own rings

Svelte Metals, YSL, and Vita Fede bracelets, my own rings