Oxfords, Not Brogues Unless...

Club Monaco sweater,  Tularosa shorts ,  Zara shoes ,  Dior sunglasses   , Chanel bag

Club Monaco sweater, Tularosa shorts, Zara shoes, Dior sunglasses, Chanel bag

I have a rule where when Colin Firth says something, I listen. Not only because he's super hot, but because he's Mr. Darcy, and you ALWAYS listen to Mr. Darcy. So when Colin Firth tells me that a self-respecting man only wears "oxfords, not brogues" I listen. I listen until I see a pair of of silver platform creeper brogues. Then, I would have to think that Colin Firth probably didn't mean these brogues and that a self-respecting man would be crazy not to grab a pair of these from Zara and declare them absolutely amazing. Thanks Mr. Darcy, I knew you were a reasonable man.