Rose Gold Lame´ & DSW

What can you get to wear that matches with a rose gold lame´ skirt? Surprisingly, a lot of things match with gold lame´, they just also make you look like a disco queen from the 70's which is not entirely a bad thing, but can be a *little* overbearing when you just want to grab a cappuccino and read smutty magazines. But I think I appropriately toned down the lame´ with a cool tee and these amazing grey Giuseppe Zanotti pumps from DSW

I don't know if you have ever been to DSW in San Francisco, but to me, it is the biggest little hidden gem in town. Literally the BIGGEST. The store is four stories full of shoes of every single style at every single price point. I needed a bottle of water, a Powerbar and a caddie to carry my shoe booty by the time I reached the second floor. It was amazing. Even more amazing than the amount of shoes offered, were these Giuseppe Zanotti pumps for 70% off!! And better still, the shoes show toe cleavage...the best part of my feet. Perfection.

DSW in San Francisco is located at 400 Post St., San Francisco, CA 94102. You can also buy online at

Giuseppe Zanotti heels c/o DSW , Vita Fede and Anarchy Street bracelets

Giuseppe Zanotti heels c/o DSW, Vita Fede and Anarchy Street bracelets