Skorts and Sporks

To me, skorts and sporks are pretty much the same kind of worthless animal. They're both combination of two very useful things that when combined become one very worthless thing. Let's be honest here, your spork can't scoop soup or pick up meat with it's pathetic tiny prongs. Similarly, a skort is weird because they look ridiculous as shorts and they also look ridiculous skirts because there's shorts underneath.  And, if my understanding is correct, there isn't even a utilitarian reason to have them be combined. And just because I'm actually wearing this skort and I actually kinda love it and it actually does look cute does NOT mean that I support it because I'm not sure yet if it's the shorts that's making it cute or the skirt.  Until I figure it out, skirts are going into the same category as sporks and rompers: Love them? Or Love them, but not together because you actually want to eat your food, or because you don't want to get completely naked in a public bathroom just to pee, or because pants and skirts together is a lot of fabric that might make your booty look big and sweaty because of overheating. Decisions, decisions.