There are certain times in a person's life when they feel truly triumphant. Where, everything that you worked for or hoped for came to fruition in the exact way that you wanted. For me, it was graduating law school and passing the Bar, or seeing my huge round face in a glossy magazine, or making the perfect pepper sauce that will make you cry once it touches the tip of your tongue. Those times are very few and far between so when they occur you have to enjoy and revel in the glory. And that's exactly what I did when I was roaming around LinkedIn and saw my beautiful ex-crush. Once upon a time, I had emailed him to confess my love and to humbly suggest that he dump his hot girlfriend to be with me. I never saw him again after that. Maybe because he thought I had made things a little...awkward? Or maybe he's still mulling it over. It's been about 8 years, so hopefully I'll receive an extremely well thought out response from him any day now. But, after all these years, imagine what I felt when I saw that my beautiful ex-crush, who caused me to listen to 3000 hours Janis Joplin in the dark while smoking cigarettes is now...wait for it...FAT! Fat. Fat, and lives with his parents, is single and nobody loves him. That's right, everything that a girl ever wants to happen to her ex-crush that crushed her, happened to him! I feel like I'm living an urban legend. So the lesson to be learned here is to always keep the faith because you never know; your ex-crush could be sitting around totally fat right now too, just waiting for you to discover him.