Back To Work

(Text originally posted on 1/2/14)

There's something strange about coming back after celebrating Christmas and New Year's, and by strange I mean incredibly depressing and sad.  Everyone is all partied out, you have to throw away your Christmas tree, put all your Christmas ornaments away, recover from your hangovers and then go back to work...on a Thursday! You're looking back and thinking about the year that went by and all the things that you didn't accomplish and now you're going to start another year off with a juice cleanse that will mean nothing, because "green juice" is actually not a magic potion that will take away your dependency on french fries. Not to mention those people that do those "I'm so grateful for..." posts that lists a thousand accomplishments, but that you (let's be real) can't stand reading, but you do anyways just so you can judge them for being narcissistic assholes.  Breaking news: nobody cares.  All your holiday joy is basically rotting out on the curb and there's not another huge holiday in sight.  

All kidding aside, it's not all bad.  Here's looking at you President's Day.