Be Snoody

Thanks to global warming, I may never get to wear one of the greatest fashion inventions of all time: the snood.  It's basically just a tubular neckband that takes away all the torturousness of wrapping a scarf.  As you know, scarf wrapping is an art form; a terrible, torturous, neck burning and annoying art form.  One where you're wrapping and wrapping trying to make the perfect knot, or get the perfect puffiness, or the achieve the perfect amount of warmth.  Whatever it is that you're trying to do, it can and will result in a hot mess of tying and tucking--lots of tucking.  And if it started out cute, it's going to look flat like a dead fish by the end of the day; and then you're back to re-wrapping and tucking.  

Enter the snood: a tube that goes over your head and always has the perfect wrap.  There's no ends to tuck and no knots to deal with.  It's literally a giant neck sock.  You're welcome.