Neoprene? Neoprene.

Club Monaco tshirt, Zara skirt,  Via Spiga shoes ,  Selima  sunglasses,  Gucci  bag

Club Monaco tshirt, Zara skirt, Via Spiga shoes, Selima sunglasses, Gucci bag

I absolutely love my new Zara skirt and for $15.99, I can't go wrong. Or can I? I knew when I put this skirt on that it was made of neoprene, which is comfortable enough. However, what I did not know was that neoprene is a material that's used for wetsuits for it's INSULATION qualities. Meaning: it's made to seal in heat! Every ounce of heat and bead of sweat is sealed in like a little greenhouse effect. And in 72 degree SF weather, there was definitely some heat in all the places that neoprene was covering. Luckily, like wet suits, it absorbs well too.

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Cartier,   Maria Melinda , Anarchy Street rings,  Michael Kors  watch,  Hermes  and  Anarchy Street  bracelets

Cartier, Maria Melinda, Anarchy Street rings, Michael Kors watch, Hermes and Anarchy Street bracelets