A Bob and Big Dreams

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What business does a little Asian girl with a bob haircut have being on page 142 of InStyle's September issue?  None.  Absolutely none.  I'm no fashion designer, no celebrity stylist or magazine editor; and I'm definitely no model.  I'm just a girl who loves pretty clothes, much like a lot of other girls who love pretty clothes.  Looking through the glossy pages of Vogue, Elle or InStyle, there was absolutely no reason for me to be on any of those pages.  But there I am, smashed between a Levi's and an Oil of Olay ad...an absolute dream come true. It just goes to show that anyone who loves something, like the way I love pretty clothes, can accomplish their dreams and see their outfit in a fashion feature.  Sally Field said it best when she accepted her Academy Award saying, "you love me, you really love me!"  And if you don't love me, at least you love what I'm wearing.  So, I think that the universe is telling me something, and that something is to share my love of pretty clothes more. I hope that you guys will read along with me as I try to give more of my colored opinions about clothes and shoes and fashion faux pas here and hopefully beyond.  

My recent Style Nobody to Style Star status has also given me a major style superiority complex to match. This means that for as long as my issue is out on newsstands , if you feel like I'm judging your outfit or that I have all the fashion answers, it's probably because I am and I do.  Therefore, my first piece of advice as a fashion authority is this: always look sharp, take some risks and put yourself out there because you never know where your outfit will take you.