Foot Soldiers

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Girls, can we finally have an honest conversation?  Can we just admit that we have the most disgusting feet in the world?  Despite having pedicures, pretty polishes, paraffin baths, pumices and foot lotions, our feet are still the most used-up calloused looking feet to ever walk the earth.  And it's not like we don't know why.  We know it's because of the torture devices that we strap onto our feet everyday.  Those amazing strappy sandals or brand new $800 red soled pumps are causing our heels to bleed, or toes to bleed, or smashing our feet or causing us to have that weird bump on the side of our pinky toe!  I mean what is that!?!?  But, that's not all they're doing.  Even though our shoes are so beautiful, they are just covering up a more disgusting problem: Dry, Crusty Feet.  I actually have a foot pumice that is made of fiberglass and diamonds (Diamancel) and is touted as the most powerful foot file in the world.  Yes, that's right, it literally takes the strongest metal in the world to file down whatever grows on my feet. I mean, it makes sense since our feet are exposed to the elements daily and smashed into all kinds of straps. Unlike my husband's feet which are in the safety of his soft white Fruit of The Loom athletic socks and Chucks all day.  I swear his feet are so milky and soft that if i were stab them, they would bleed aloe vera.  The cost for beauty and the irony of it all. 

I do battle with my dry, crusty feet everyday and it involves a daily routine of soaping, soaking and then awkwardly standing in the shower and pumicing my skin off.  It was getting tiresome, and honestly, I don't really know how much more skin I can take off.  So, I decided to try Babyfoot  (I discovered it here on People StyleWatch).  You just stick your feet in these plastic booties with some goo in them for an hour and then in 2-10 days layers of your dead skin start to fall off naturally.  I got the "natural" lavender scent and the process was as "natural" as having lavender smelling goo all over your feet in plastic booties can be.  It's pretty gross waking up in a pile of your own skin, but it's so amazing to see a whole new set of feet!  And what will I do with these brand new feet?  I'm not sure, probably stuff them into my new pair Tibi strappy sandals.  I mean, I have to show off my new feet!