Labor Of Love

This is exactly the third time that I have worn what I like to call my "forever boots". However, I know that winter has begun and as the weather starts to turn ever more frosty, these boots will be making a more prominent appearance in my daily wardrobe and that scares the bejeezus out of me. As you know, I have major boot woes, so I fear that once these boots are worn through I will have no other boot options that will fit my sad baby calves.  So, I try to preserve them as best I can.  Whenever I want to wear these puppies I go through a whole laborious process of taking them out of the box, removing the individually wrapped plastic on each boot, removing the giant pieces of scrunched up paper holding them up, spraying them down with anti-water protectant and then brushing the suede so that all the dust and debris come off. And I haven't even gotten to the walking part yet! They're so comfortable, but I don't want to stretch them so much that they get all huge and then slide down my calves, so I try to walk all straight-legged like Frankenstein! It's hard, I admit, but it's the cross I have to bear for my under-powered calves. C'est la vie.    

2013-12-14 ScarfDress1.jpg
2013-12-14 ScarfDress2.jpg
2013-12-14 ScarfDress3.jpg