Baby Calves

2013-11-1 SWBoots.png

I'm a booties girl.  I have always been a booties girl and I will forever be a booties girl.  This is not by choice, despite the fact that there are probably about 25 pairs of booties on my "need" list right now, because quite frankly I need them.  This is because I have tiny calves, like really tiny calves. They are comically tiny, UNLIKE my upper arms which are like huge ham hocks.  But because my calves are so small, they pose a huge problem when wearing knee high or over the knee boots.  You see, it's not cute or sexy when you put on a pair of boots and they keep drooping down to your ankles.  Also not cute, when you buy a pair of boots made of stiff leather and then have to wear three pairs of giant ski socks to keep them up or go with normal socks and have that giant ring around your legs. 

That was the case before I met my "forever boots"--the amazing black suede Stuart Weitzman 5050 over the knee boots.  Made of half suede and half elastic they hug my tiny calves like little leg warmers.  And, I can actually walk in them comfortably around SF's long blocks since they're flats.  They've proven to be a classic and everlasting style as well because a couple of weeks ago, the 5050's celebrated their 20th anniversary.  Thank god too, because if these ever get discontinued, so are my boot wearing days. Now, I need to stock up on these puppies and grab all the amazing colors they offer: like these chocolate ones or these navy ones.  So great news for my calves, but no word yet on when they're going to make arm Spanx for my arms.  I'll keep you posted.  


2013-11-1 SWBoots3.png