Hermes, I Will Be Your Bitch

2013-10-29 Hermes4.jpg
2013-10-29 Hermes4.jpg

If you know me then you know that I love accessories.  I love a good arm party, ring party or Hermes party.  So when I got my first printed feature in InStyle's September Issue I knew I had to commemorate it with something special and nothing is more special to me than anything that comes in that orange box.  I had wanted Hermes' Collier de Chien leather bracelet for a long time.  Everything about it is alluring, the uniqueness, the exclusivity and oh the bling.  It's definitely an item that is in demand;  you can only buy them in the actual store and you can't special order them if they are not available.  Well at least my peasant-ass wasn't allowed to.

When I walked into the store, I think I mumbled some nonsense to the shiny French saleslady and then name dropped InStyle.  She had a copy of course and she looked me up of course (page 142, tiny corner blurb thank you very much) because I don't think that the Hermes rules allow some nobody to just walk in and buy something.  But to her, now I wasn't a nobody, I was a chick who had a tiny blurb on page 142 of InStyle.  And now, a girl who owns a Collier de Chien.  There were six Asian "Ringwraiths" surrounding me at the time who had to disperse because, you guessed it, there's only one in the entire store. I love it when that happens because somehow you feel like you're earned it.  I must say, it's now one of my top go-to pieces because it's makes all my outfits a little more edgy and cool.  Plus, I love the name.  "Collier de Chien" actually means "dog collar" in french and it's so appropriate because I will be Hermes' bitch any day.  

(Below are some photos of Me with Heather Cassady of Wish Social Events--one of the most talented event stylists around and one of my besties.   She had an editorial out recently in Grace Ormand featuring an amazing gay wedding that she styled.  So how do besties celebrate their dual editorials?  With photos and Hermes obvi.   Photos by Colson Griffith. )

2013-10-29 Hermes3.jpg
2013-10-29 Hermes.jpg