You Can Do Black And Blue

Between early 2000's and now, I somehow completely missed when it became perfectly acceptable to wear navy blue with black--when we all know that it is not. We've all seen those people who have gone to work in a black pencil skirt and then tossed on a dark navy blazer on top as if nobody would notice that they were TWO DIFFERENT COLORS.  Two different colors that do not go together.  You would politely ignore the situation surely, but in your minds I know that you were thinking about why she couldn't have just worn a matching black blazer to match her skirt, or worn a navy skirt, or a khaki skirt, or a gray skirt or any other color skirt that actually goes with dark navy.  Look, I get it, they're close, but they're not close enough.  And that is the reason why when you wear those colors together, you are suddenly caught in a mishmash of darkness that your brain cannot understand.  I mean do you want to be blue or do you want to be black???  Pick one!  

Well, I believe that I have found the perfect way to wear dark navy blue and black together in my new fur-collar coat.  Basically, when you wear dark navy, a black fur collar accent is totally cute!  Also, if you are able to wear a black fur collar, you can wear black pants too, and also leopard print shoes.  For some reason, this is a recipe for amazing.  All other navy and black combos I would still reconsider. Seriously, just pick one!

2013-12-15 NavyCoat1.jpg
Changed out sunnies to  Ray-Ban Wayfarers

Changed out sunnies to Ray-Ban Wayfarers