Season's Greetings Geisha!

Screen shot 2012-12-10 at 11.31.34 PM.png

Isn't that cute?  It's a little Asian Geisha Christmas tree ornament! Oh awesome, it comes in a set of 6.  Now my Asian people doing Asian stuff Christmas tree will be perfect!  Wait, what?  Did I miss "Asians as Novelty Items Day?" When the did this happen?  When did an actual race become cute enough to be hung on Christmas trees everywhere?  Asians aren't Christmasy! So many questions and so many people who seem to act like this is normal.  It's freaking me out, especially since now that I have checked the website, this Geisha is sold out!  You can't even "add to wait list" anymore.  That means that hundreds of households out there are hanging her on their trees and decorating their homes with Geishas right now.  Doesn't that naturally make you wonder what else could be hanging on their tree that could possibly match with this?  An Asian woman doing nails?  An Asian woman hanging clothes on a dry cleaning machine?  An Asian woman sewing Nike shoes?  The list is terrifyingly endless.  However, I recognize that I may be jumping to conclusions and damning all these people buying Geishas for Christmas way too quickly.  These people could totally have many other different types of ornaments on their trees, like:  Hispanics doing offensive things, African Americans doing offensive things, or even white people doing offensive things.  You truly can't know the limits of a person who thinks Geishas and Santa Claus match.