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It's no big secret that we live in a male dominated world.  As is their birthright, men love taking all our good stuff--jobs, money, virginity.  They can even have their penises removed to have a working female vag installed. However, there are certain things that should be sacred only to women.  Babies, the color pink, and up to this point, I thought leggings.  Men are wearing leggings and turning them into meggings!  I don't even really know what there is to say about meggings other than it makes no sense.  It's senseless!  I mean, it already makes me slightly uncomfortable watching male ballerinas in tights dancing around with their bulges hanging out like its no big deal.  Now, guys are going to be brunching in their leggings out in public expecting us to swallow our eggs and pretend like skinny legs and giant crotches don't bother us?  You guys have got some balls. So let's just state the obvious now.  It's pretty apparent that Russell Brand and that Asian guy trying to look like a badass in leggings are wearing girl outfits. That's right Asian guy, you can stare at me all day long like that and you'll still be a guy in leggings.  It just makes no sense.  Leggings don't even have pockets, so where are they going to put their stuff? Is it even possible to wear leggings without a purse?   Oh no, not purses too!