Suri Cruise Inspires Kate Spade

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 I would like to preface this post by saying that I love Kate Spade.  And I don't think that she's only famous because she married David Spade's brother.  Well, not anymore at least.  But you have to admit, sometimes her stuff makes you go "Whaaa?"  It's like ladies who lunch on acid.  But what really gets me confused is why she chooses to design ONLY for Suri Cruise.  That has to be the case.  I mean, that is the only explanation for all the crazy Easter colors, bows and animal shaped stuff.  Last season, I tried on a Kate Spade scarf where one of the ends was a stuffed animal head. Yup, she went there.  I don't want to wear Pokemon around my neck.  Cute--for Suri Cruise!  Hello Kate Spade, I'm 30.  Make something for me!  To be frank, even Suri is about to grow out of that pink flamingo purse.  Nobody over three feet tall should be able to carry that bag.  She does however, make a mean wallet; she should definitely stay away from the scarves.