A Wedge Between Us

wedge sneaker.jpg
Screen shot 2013-02-05 at 4.31.22 PM.png

I would be a liar if I said that being featured in Street Style was a day that I had not waited for and prepared for all my life; because it was.  Every girl who waits every month to get their fashion magazines have fingered through those pages thinking "I look better than that bitch--and I wish someone would take my picture to prove it!"  Well it happened to me and it was glorious.  However, as validating as it was, the feature has also given me newfound fashion confidence.  Or should I say over-confidence that is sending me down a rabbit hole of "this is totally gross for most people, but since I was in Street Style, I can get away with it" type of fashion decisions.  Take for example these Ash wedge sneakers.  Yes, they are definitely gross for most people, especially the two girls that were watching me try them on at Bloomies.  When one of the girls whispered to the other that she wished she looked as cool as I did in these wedge sneakers, I knew I had no choice. I promptly went to the register and paid for my new wedge sneakers because I'll be damned if I let a woman trying on UGG mules fashion shame me.  I was in Street Style for god sakes.  

I paired my Ash wedge sneakers with a white t-shirt, dark skinny jeans and a black coat or blazer. If I discover a second outfit that I can wear these with, I'll let you know.