Onesie is the Loneliest Number

Your eyes do not deceive you.  They sell these.  They sell them at a website called Forever Lazy.  If you are so "forever lazy" that you have resorted to wearing a onesie, you should just end it. The only time human beings should be wearing onesies is when we weighed less than 10 lbs.  If you can remember the last time you wore a onesie, you were too old to wear a onesie. From the front, the woman looks demented and the man is clearly a serial killer.  And from the back, the back has a drop seat.  A drop seat means that you can tear open the butt you can poop while still wearing your onesie!  That my little dears, is not cute.  Really not cute.  It's not even novelty cute the way that adult women carry hello kitty purses novelty cute (which in all honesty isn't really cute either).  If you want to recapture your youth, go play on the swings, go eat some gummy bears, or go do something else that does not make you look completely crazy and demented.  Lets go back to a world where people wore Snuggies and Crocs when they completely gave up on life. Ah, The good ole days.