Marina Much?

The SF Marina may be one of the scariest fashion places I've ever been to. The guys wear madras shorts and turqoise polos with their collars popped!  Yup, that happened.  And then there are the girls.  I could barely hold it together in the girl jungle of maxi dresses, baby blue pashminas and all things Lululemon.  Plus everyone there is a dirty blonde that wears their aviator sunglasses on their heads.  Why? I don't know.  Seriously, it's scary.  If you see a strange looking Asian chick with a bob haircut that's me.  I'm there because I love Barney's Burgers.  So to enjoy my Barney's burger I need a Marina outfit.  I had a friend who attempted a Marina outfit once.  She ended up giving up and getting a sweat outfit from Lululemon, which is now her only acceptable Marina outfit.  I refuse to have a $400 sweat outfit be the only clothes I can wear to the Marina.  I don't even work out that much.  So the above outfit from Aqua is going to be my next Marina purchase.  It's very pink, there are ruffles and there's a collar I can pop.  I think that covers a lot of Marina requirements.  And at $88 for the jacket and $88 for the dress, you can look douchey without paying douchey prices.  We loves it.