Winter is Furry Hat Season!

2009-09-23 hats32009-09-23 hats4

I have always wanted a furry hat in the winter.  It could be the primal woman inside me, but they just look so comfortable and warm.  I analogize my need for a furry hat to the need to have UGGs. The reason every girl owns a pair of those wretched boots is because we just want to have our feet warm! It's for those days when the cold is so bitter that you can't pretend your cute Burberry boots are going to save you from frostbite or from possibly losing that little toe that always gets smashed to the side. So of course I recognise that furry hats are ridiculous. But sometimes, I just want my head to be warm. Besides, the model in the picture looks cute with her furry hat. Now, I just need to figure out where to get a full leopard ensemble to match my furry hat.