The Target Market

I have these cute gladiator sandals that are just adorable. I bought them about a year ago and I absolutely love them.  Well, I loved them until I saw approximately 2,375,857 in them.  I wondered how in just a year so many people had them.  Honestly, I really didn't care up until I saw some mom in capris and a pastel shirt wearing my sandals.  That was when I knew something was up.  It turns out that these same sandals shown above, have been mass produced by Target! Ok, everyone calm down and stop trying to shank me because you assume that I think I'm better than Target.  I don't think that I'm better than Target.  I love Target.  I love going there to buy soap, garbage bags, shower curtains, and toothpaste.  However, notice in that sentence I did not say I like going there to buy hoochie tops, dresses and sandals.  This is because most of the clothes and sandals there are roach.  Yes, this goes for those "designer" clothes for Go International for Target too.  Let's be honest, those "designer" clothes by Alexander McQueen or Jovovich-Hawk aren't exactly flying off the shelves.  Let's be even more honest, Alexander McQueen wouldn't exactly be Alexander McQueen if he were a designer for Target.  To be perfectly frank, I know that when you look at those designer clothes you're thinking exactly the same thing that I am thinking: those designer clothes look like Target clothes! That's because they ARE Target clothes!  The fashion lesson to be learned today is that once you see your beloved sandals at Target, that is the time you should retire them and let them die.  To assist you, I have compiled a list of other things that I have seen from Target that now has to die: Juicy tube dresses, fringe mocassins and various Steve Madden sandals.  Wear at your own peril.