Power Rings!

power ringsSo what does an Amazon woman, a gigantic barbarian and a curly-haired Hobbit have in common?  Awesome accessories.  Wonder Woman had her gold indestructible bracelets, He-Man his glittering sword, and Frodo his magical ring of power.  This means that to be a superhero, all you need is 1. come from a magical world and 2. have a really awesome and beautiful accessory.  For now, lets just pass on number 1 and move straight into number 2--obtaining a really amazing piece of jewelry.  I myself just bought myself a Power Ring, and I suggest to anyone out there to do the same because it is not only awesome because there's  diamonds in it, but also because it reminds you to BE awesome as well.  For instance, your power ring can empower you find love, or to live out your dreams, or recycle more, or to quit your job because your boss is an asshole and gave you a bonus of $2.00 that was to be split in two payments!  Plus, I feel like the Godfather in my power ring--especially when I hold out my hand and make my boyfriend kiss my ring a la Marlon Brando. Whatever the reason, your Power Ring will empower you to do be better because it's pretty (like you) and mainly because if you don't succeed then you'll just be wearing a really expensive Failure Ring--and that would make you more pathetic than before. I know that there are people out there that think that buying things can't fix your problems. But then these are also the same people that say being pretty can't fix your problems.  Lies... it totally can!