Bandage Dresses: So What if I Can't Breathe!

cleopatra dressbandage dress3Herve Leger makes some amazing dresses--mostly because you have to have magic powers in order to shrink your body to wear them.  We all want them, but we all fear them.  This past weekend I was in Vegas and decided that I would try on an Herve Leger bandage dress because I wanted to feel all Halle Berry.  And I have to say, I did not succeed.  That is because I was better than Halle Berry!  When I put on that shimmery gold one shoulder bandage dress, I felt like Cleopatra in the midst of all who worshipped her and how totally hot she was.  It was so incredible to have the power of pretty.  Approximately 1 minute after having that moment, my eyes went black cause I can't really hold my breath for that long.  Plus it was all I could do from vomiting from all my stomach contents pushed up to my neck.  But oh the feeling.  Highly recommend! (But not if you're fat, cause then you'll die--for sure).