Mandals should die, and also all who wear them.

Why, my god, why do you do it? Why do you guys insist on wearing mandals that look like these?2009-08-20 mandals22009-08-20 mandals3 It could not possibly be because you guys think that it's hot.  Oh my god, do you guys think that it's hot!?  For some reason, men young and old always resort to mandals as their summer shoe knowing that it's roach. I mean, there's weird velcro straps everywhere and slits in random places.  The toes are jumbled and stick out of all those slits--it's so weird!  And they go with absolutely nothing.  Even if you guys think that it goes with something, like cargo pants, they don't all.  In fact they're a major no-go.  I know, I hear ya, they're comfortable and we can't deny a man his comfort shoes--unless they're mandals!  Women do it all the time.  We wear shoes that are cute and also have razors embedded in them which make our feet bleed, but we endure.  We endure because it's the right thing to do.  So please, boys of all ages, kill your mandals and let them die in peace.  Look into normal leather flip flops that look like the ones those ripped guys on the Abercrombie and Fitch ads wear.  You want to be cool like them right?  It works for women. That's the sole reason I buy stuff; to be cool like the chick in the ads.  I bet her boyfriend doesn't wear mandals.