Maxi Dresses: Just Cuter Muu-Muu's?

Maxi Dresses I have always wanted to wear maxi dresses. They're pretty, flowy, usually floral and at the same time completely roach on me. I don't know why!! I'm a cute, skinny asian chick that in theory should not only look cute in maxi dresses but in everything. So, I'm always befuddled when I put on a maxi dress thinking that I'm all kinds of greek goddess, when in reality I look like some demented asian mini-me.

My arms look bigger, my legs get shorter and I generally look roach all around. That's why I'm giving maxi-dresses a huge thumbs down. This is mostly because if maxi dresses are not the roach ones, that means that I am, and we DON'T like that. Thus, maxi dresses, I deem you roach, however, I give you a point for not having to suck in when I wear them.