Why Guys, Why?

I need to know what the meaning of this is. Men wearing tapered jeans as if it is not totally and completely offensive. Like Mom Jeans, men’s tapered pants have absolutely no functionality whatsoever other than making the man look absolutely roach. And for some reason, tapered jeans are always stonewashed and paired with those roach black lumberjack shoes and a blue patterned wool sweater. It’s like they’re about to go off to hunt feral cats or something. Totally weird. If you are a man who thinks this looks good, remind yourself now that it does not. It never did, not even when Jordan Knight wore them. Step into a new era by tossing out those tapered jeans and hiking shoes. Open your eyes and realize that this is an era where pants go over the shoes now and trade in those damaged Wranglers for Diesel jeans. I promise, you won't be sorry because you men will notice that when women look at you, they won’t be making weird faces at your ankles and then smirking to their hot friends about how they saw that exact same outfit on the guy that sells comic books, plays Magic and eats Cheetos while drinking Pepsi from a 2-liter and sporting a mullet. In other words, we have to let tapered jeans RIP.