Tiffany's Buy of the Week!

Tiffany's Gold NotesI don't even know why I need to say anything awesome to convince someone to get this.  Just look at it!  It's Tiffany's, it's gold, it has your initial on it.  It's sure to make you look cool and classy without looking like you tried to be cool and classy.  Plus it's new at Tiffany's, so you better enjoy it before Target gets the recipe and starts mass producing them.  We loves it.

Buy of the Week: Bangles, Bangles, Bangles!

ippolita It's no secret that I love bangles. These Ippolita bangles, however, are extra spectacular because not only are they gold, but they also have gemstones!! Plus, Halle Berry wears them, and everyone knows that we should buy whatever it is that Halle is selling. Sure, she's been unlucky in love with that wife-beating baseball player and that one hot singer with the sex addiction. But, she's no Jennifer Aniston (whom we love too). Now it's all turning around for her. She's a baby's mama! And the baby daddy is some hot Versace model! See, these bracelets are magic and uber cute with a hot black dress or even just jeans and a tee. So, get them while they're hot!