Faux Fur Jacket Buy of the Week!

Fur is definitely making it's mark this season. Thanks to global warming, the earth's weather is all kinds of messed up, so winters are becoming even more bitterly cold.  Which is why I am so obsessed with this Juicy Couture faux fur jacket.  It's cute, there's ruffles, and the faux fur doesn't feel like it came from a mangled dead cat.  Imagine this fur jacket, with dark skinny jeans and heels and your favorite Louis Vuitton bag.  I know, I feel ritzy just imagining it.  We loves it.

Furry Vests: Cute the Chewbacca Way

Before I loved them, furry vests used to confuse me.  They're sleeveless and have massive amounts of fur covering just the front--like Chewbacca shaved his arms or something.  But now, I see the cuteness.  It's not Chewbacca at all!  It's totally Alexis Carrington circa Dynasty whilst vacationing in Aspen!  In short, furry vests are chic and ritzy, and will automatically make you feel like you are better than everyone else in the room.  And if you can't afford to buy the real thing or you don't to wear dead animal fur, then there's this really cute Juicy Couture fur vest that is cute and also affordable.  Happy hunting!

Bring Back the Track!

2009-09-22 juicy2009-09-22 juicy2It's shameful, I know.  But I recently just purchased a Juicy track sweater! And the reason is even scarier than the purchase.  It was because it was comfortable!  My god! What's next, comfortable shoes?  UGGs? Crocs? I don't know what. I feel like I've opened a Pandora's Box of old people stuff because that's pretty much where I'm headed if I'm buying stuff for comfort.  But if I'm doomed, at least I'll be doomed in Juicy which is probably the more acceptable choice of the "jammies I can where outside" category. To make up for being old, I'll just dress extra hoochie this weekend.  There, equilibrium restored.