Cross-Body Bag Madness!

Cross-body bags are suddenly all the rage.  It's like, all of a sudden, everyone is "on the go" and can't even hold on to their purses, so they have to strap a bag all around their bodies.  Personally, I'm not a fan, however, like so many things that are roach, cross-body bags are comfortable.  Therefore, if I have embraced UGGs, I might as well have a comfortable bag that matches to maximize my comfy-ness.  This Tory Burch fringe bag and this Marc Jacobs black cross-body bag says comfort, but they also TRY to be cute, which I appreciate.  So at the very least you're just dying a slow fashion death, instead of a fast one.

The New Louis!

If you like Boho, then you are going to love this new Louis Vuitton Artsy bag.  With this amazing new bag, Louis Vuitton has transformed the typical ratty Urban Outfitters Boho chick, with her headbands and drapey shirts into a Boho hot chick who paid $1,400.00 on an LV.  Sure, it goes against being Boho, but a girl can't live off of hemp and saddle bags forever. It's new, its huge, and it's hot!

Burberry Princesses Unite!

It's weird, I myself have never been fascinated by this weird over-priced plaid crap.  And never would I ever have declared myself a Burberry Princess.  Louis Vuitton Princess, Gucci Princess, Chloe Princess--yes.  But not Burberry.  I mean, I know we all remember what Burberry used to be like--roach-ass plaid for old ladies who smelled like White Diamonds.   However, today I eat my words.  I LOVE Burberry.  I love it so much now that I want to be draped in all things Burberry.  Hats, scarves, galoshes, bags, you name it, I want it, and I will wear all these items as one ensemble like a demented ritzy lumberjack.  I am completely obsessed right now with the above Burberry bags. They are just cute and pretentious enough to hold my adorable Mac laptop.  We loves it!