Burberry Princesses Unite!

It's weird, I myself have never been fascinated by this weird over-priced plaid crap.  And never would I ever have declared myself a Burberry Princess.  Louis Vuitton Princess, Gucci Princess, Chloe Princess--yes.  But not Burberry.  I mean, I know we all remember what Burberry used to be like--roach-ass plaid for old ladies who smelled like White Diamonds.   However, today I eat my words.  I LOVE Burberry.  I love it so much now that I want to be draped in all things Burberry.  Hats, scarves, galoshes, bags, you name it, I want it, and I will wear all these items as one ensemble like a demented ritzy lumberjack.  I am completely obsessed right now with the above Burberry bags. They are just cute and pretentious enough to hold my adorable Mac laptop.  We loves it!