Hint And You Shall Receive

When it comes to gifts, and receiving gifts from my husband, we have decided on a really great system: I tell him what I want and he goes out and gets it. Sometimes, I'll even go out and get it because how does a guy who wears only skinny jeans and tshirts know where to find Maison Martin Margiela duster rings? He doesn't know. What he does know is where to find wireless speakers. And that's what happened to me our first Christmas together before our "system". Lets be honest, I need Big Blue Live speakers like I need a space suit and I am no astronaut. After that, there was no way I was going to let wireless speakers happen to me again. Sure, I'll never get the rush of opening a surprise gift, but trust me, I'm definitely not complaining about it, because I'm too busy hanging out in my Margiela rings and Rodarte necklaces. Which is really what counts anyways--the fact that I got the stuff, I mean the thought...and the stuff. 

***Cuyana has made it even more easy to get what you want by having the great idea of "hinting" cards. You can look like you're not totally being rude asking for a present, by asking for a present via the hinting cards. So, put in what you want in the card and then slip it to your loved one and then a pretty orange box with your Cuyana goodies will arrives. Why have 4,568 candles, coffee mugs, or socks when you can have one amazing alpaca wool cape? Check out their site for more chic gift ideas!

YSL bracelet,  Shinola watch , Cartier and my own rings

YSL bracelet, Shinola watch, Cartier and my own rings