Pin-Up Girl

I always prided myself on never having to resort to writing the "Look for Less" article because I don't believe in the look for less.    All who have attempted the "Look for Less" know that you can NEVER get the same cool look for less money.  What you will actually be getting is the "Look That Is A Poor and Sad, Semi-Reminiscent of the More Amazing Expensive Look." Or the "Look For Cheap and Will Give You a Rash and Make Your Feet Bleed Because of All the Cheap Clothes That You Just Bought." I know, I have all those looks.  By the same token, I am also loathe to be the girl to that writes the "Make Your Boring Old Clothes Look New Again" article; and yet here I am doing just that.  My recent budget limitations has forced me to seriously find "looks for less".  But, I discovered that instead of finding looks for less, I can update my already awesome wardrobe with some simple accessories.  My current favorite accessory--brooches and pins!  Just by pinning a brooch on the lapel of your blazer, t-shirt or dress, you can turn any ensemble into any look you want.  My personal fave right now are these Elizabeth and James snake and arrow brooches for a Rock n Roll feel.  For a more demure look, pin on your Grammy's Cameo brooch, or a big flower pin a la Carrie Bradshaw.  Whatever your mood, you can find a pin to match it.  Automatic ensemble update without having to wear some sad "look for less" and have people ask you, "are those the fake X?"  Embarassing fashion moment 6576 averted.  We loves it!