Sometimes I Don't Understand Genius

2009-10-1 MJ2009-10-1 MJ2 I think that we can all agree that Marc Jacobs is a genius.  His quilted handbags are beautiful.  His clothes are always edgy, youthful and fun.  To top it off, Marc Jacobs has kept Louis Vuitton relevant and modern as its creative director, when LV could have easily slid into the trenches of boring  old lady bags like Ferragamo bags have. However, there are times when even I do not understand MJ's fashion risks.  For example, mouse shoes and one of the ugliest old lady bags I have ever seen in my entire life.  As edgy as I think that I am, I'm definitely not edgy enough to wear mouse shoes. And that bag, I cannot comprehend it at all.  It's one old lady bag on top of another.  It's not even like it's Marc Jacobs bags for Target, this bag is the real deal and it's over $2,000.00 to buy it.  So, this is where I'm not sure if Marc Jacobs is so genius that I don't understand him the way that I don't understand why Van Gogh chopped his ears off; or if these mouse shoes are exactly what they seem: really weird and ugly. Right now I will reserve judgment because these mouse shoes might be totally cute as part of a whole ensemble where the rest of your outfit is made of cheese.