Give Me Your Theory!

2009-10-25 theory dress2009-10-25 theory skirtI don't know about you, but I used to think that Theory was just an over-priced Banana Republic.  It's like, you've seen one Theory blazer and skinny black jeans and you've seen it all pretty much.  But,  after seeing these two outfits at Theory, I change my mind and I kinda think Theory is awesome.  First, I present this gold skirt.  It's gold and it's short, need I say more?  Second is the ruffle shirt dress.  It's a ruffle shirt dress! I don't think that a dress could get any better unless it was a GOLD ruffle shirt dress that made you feel like an executive cleopatra.  Who knows, it still might happen.  Theory, bravo you're finally a step up from Banana.