Oxfords: Not Just For Harvard Boys Anymore

2009-09-09 oxfords32009-09-09 oliviaPOxfords are making a fierce come-back. And by comeback I mean from like, the 1920's when women thought it was revolutionary to wear pants.  Now, Harvard boys no longer have the monopoly to wear oxfords with their argyle socks and navy blazers. Girls can wear oxfords with argyle socks and navy blazers too! Of course, ironically, girls look way better in oxfords than boys, who basically look like pretentious assholes when they wear oxfords casually. It's hard to believe that men's shoes can be cute.  So gaze on Olivia Palermo's ensemble.  Despite being completely talentless and evil, her silver oxfords are adorable.  Of course, I don't know of any other outfit where oxfords would be cute, so just stick to this outfit--and only this outfit.