Wrong Weather for Leather

One of these two top coats is chic and fantastic, and the other one makes a man look like an over-sized, demented Paddington Bear. Cold weather is upon us and we will soon be seeing guys putting on their peacoats and wool sweaters. All of which are acceptable--except one. I understand that there is not a lot of selection for guys in terms of winter-wear. There's blazers, puffy jackets and that one black zip up jacket that most guys and most definitely ALL Asian guys own from Banana Republic. But there's always the guys that will turn to the dreaded shiny black leather coat once they spot an overcast day. For these guys, they think that their leather jacket has magic powers that will turn their normal yuppie self into a gun-toting Sopranos gangster. You'll never be a gangster, especially if you are the guy that wears said leather jacket to clubs holding a strawberry garnished cosmopolitan, and wears thin-rimmed Prada glasses trying desperately to look "hard". So accept your yuppiness guys! Do yourself and women a favor and get that gorgeously pretentious black top coat that goes with your entire yuppy wardrobe. People may think that you're a rude, young, urban professional who spends money with reckless abandon...but that sounds pretty good to me.