Oh! It's a Boombox Bag.

The holidays are coming and we are all feeling the pressure to buy all kinds of cool stuff for the people that we love and the people that we want to suck up to. For all these wonderful people, I have no idea what the perfect present would be. But I do know if one these important people is a woman, what the absolute wrong present would be. And that present would be a boombox bag. It's a boombox, it's a bag and it's probably one of the roachest most wasteful uses of plastic and PVC I have ever seen. Now, I'm not saying that this present is not perfect for everyone. If you're a 13 year-old girl who wears board shorts and flip flops and still chews Bubble Yum then there is a possibility that a boombox bag is perfect. But, if you're a 23 year old law student who has a blog about fashion--then a boombox bag as a Christmas gift serves only one purpose: spite. I know this because, when I was 23 I got this boombox bag as a Christmas gift from a person that I had broken up with the week before, that worked quite well in spiting me. What you do not see from the picture is that on the other side of the boombox bag, there were the letters g-e-t-t-o faux spray painted on. Yes, I agree it is not only "getto" but it's also ghetto. And with that, I release my ghost of Christmas past and wish for better more beautiful bags that do not also double as audio equipment.