A Backpack AND a Purse?!

I had a backpack that I absolutely loved. It was pink with a Cabbage Patch doll head on it and I wanted to take it everywhere and carry everything in it. I was five and completely out of touch with the real world, which is why I find it so disconcerting that grown women will carry a backpack as a purse and pretend like its not roach. Because it is—completely roach. It wasn’t ok for me to carry my Cabbage Patch doll head backpack as a purse then, and it’s not ok for a grown woman to carry a backpack as a purse now. I did have a momentary lapse in the early 90’s when I proudly carried a Polo backpack purse after seeing Brenda on 90210 sport one while beating down Kelly in a catfight with it. But I quickly threw it out, along with “Hammer” pants and scrunchies. I suggest you do the same or attach a Cabbage Patch kid head to it and send a little asian girl off to school with it.