Rompers: Cute or Just Inconvenient?

2009-09-01 Romper2009-09-01 Romper2I will be the first to admit that I totally don't get rompers and I KNOW I'm not the only one.  First of all, I'm not sure if they're even cute.  I mean it's two separate pieces sewn together. Why? Laziness?  Cause we can eliminate one step when dressing? I don't know. However, if we suspend our disbelief and accept that rompers are cute and you decide to wear one, then how the heck do you use the bathroom?  It's sewn together! Does this mean that you have to take the whole thing off and go naked when you pee? Or do you just not pee? And if the rule for rompers is that you don't pee, then how long can you wear one for and not need to pee?  I need to know from someone that has worn a romper to tell me what the socially acceptable thing is to do while in a romper; because I just do not feel comfortable getting naked in a public bathroom--I just do not! Until then, I'm going to wear what I like to call shirts and shorts.  They're just like rompers, except they're not sewn together!