I'm Not Sure if it's Cute, But I Still Like It Buy of the Week

Weird crab sandals

These are crab sandals and I'm not sure why but I am drawn to them.  I know they're not cute.  I want to say that they're fun and whimsical, but lets be real, they're roach.  But somehow, they're roach in a totally put together way.  I mean, there's a huge red crab on them for god sakes! They could be way worse, yet they look like they fit perfectly in any Kate Spade or Tory Burch collection.  And I'm sure that this item will be the "cool and sassy" thing that the Kate Spade or Tory Burch wearing chick would get. My only beef with them is why a crab? I mean sure, maybe it makes sense because you might go to the beach and a crab might latch on to your shoes? Because you went into the water in your $300.00 leather sandals?  That would be weird, like these crab sandals.