Denim Shirtdress Debacle

I know that it doesn't look like it, but this is a dress.  A huge, grungy, denim, patched-up dress from Topshop.  I don't know what YOU think this says about fashion, but this tells ME that we are now embracing clothes people wear working at the gas station as "fashionable."  No. Unacceptable. This "it's so ugly that it's cool" is seriously getting old because sometimes, "it's so ugly that it's ugly." Much like this dress from Topshop.  And to top it off, you just need to shell out $125 to get it!!  Really?  Really Topshop? You're trying to pass this wretched, fat man's dirty shirt as rocker chic?  And forcing us to pay more than the energy to dig it out of that man's garbage for it? In-credible; Topshop has some balls because I never thought that denim could insult me like that. But it does, because only a fashion idiot would wear this thinking they can pull it off.  Trust me, you can't.  Nobody can.  The roachness of this dress is way too overwhelming. So let the denim shirtdress with its patches die a long and horrible death at one of those Earth Day festivals, where this shirt will eventually end up getting stolen by a bum.

Raw Denim: Cool or Just Inconvenient?

Recently, whilst mundanely shopping for jeans, I came across something curious--Raw Denim.  It looks like normal denim, except, it's way weirder and takes a lot more work.  Yes, I said "work". Work before you are actually able to wear your jeans out in public.  The origins of raw denim, I assume, stem from the days when cowboys wore their jeans to wrangle animals, wallow in horse poop, and then sleep in these same jeans as if they were their second skin.  Of course, back then, you were probably only allowed one pair of pants, so it WAS his second skin.  Which is why it confuses me when a guy, living in a land of plenty, would ever consider buying raw denim because there's a lot of craziness involved.  First, you have to buy them seven sizes larger for shrinkage.  Second, you have to soak them in a bath of warm water for like two hours--while you're wearing them--so they will mold to your body!! After about 17 soaks and your legs are all dyed blue, you are to wear them every single day for six months without washing them. Then, by the grace of God, these jeans will hopefully fit, your legs will not have suffered any permanent damage from the dye, and will not have looked like a total douche for going through this ridiculous process when you could have just went two aisles down and picked up normal jeans...that are pre-shrunk, and pre-normal.  Maybe it's a guy's way of feeling cool again like a cowboy.  Except, cool without the wrangling, or the horses, or anything that makes cowboys cool.  So really, you're just left with filthy roach jeans. Cool or just inconvenient?  I think the answer is obvious, and it's not cool.